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Lathe thread and rolling thread machining for investment casting


Thread is widely required for machining investment castings. According to the assembling purpose, customer marked drawings of castings with thread standards. We need to machine the threads when investment castings finished. Currently, we machine the threads mainly by two processes. One is lathe thread process and the other is rolling thread process. To use which process should depend on the thread requirements.

1.Lathe thread

Lathe thread achieved by machining the thread on castings by lathe.

Process: choosing required thread tools, fixing the threading tools and castings, increasing the cutting allowance gradually, finishing lathe thread. The most important is to retract the threading tool quickly. Thus, to avoid running into the machine chuck.

2.Rolling thread

Rolling thread achieved by pressing the castings between the thread tools.

Process: choosing the required thread tools, fixing castings between the thread tools, pushing the castings to roll together with the thread tools on two sides, getting the rolling thread.

Differences between lathe thread and rolling thread

*Strenght and production efficiency of rolling thread are higher than lathe thread, and production cost is much lower.

*Lathe thread are more accurate than rolling thread.

We have good experience in machining the threads for steel casting, iron castings and aluminum casting. If you have such RFQs, pls contact us.