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Replace steel fabricated parts with investment casting?


Our steel castings produced by investment casting process can replace many steel fabricated parts.The process is ideal for multi piece fabrications using over 4mm thick steel sections that also need drilling or machining. Advantages of investment castings that replace steel fabricated parts:

*Comparing with steel welded fabrication parts,products made with investment casting process is much stronger.

*The fabricated parts has issues of accuracy.We could cast with very small size tolerances.

*Production efficiency of investment casting is relatively higher,for steel fabrication parts,we have to weld one by one.

*Expect steel parts,investment casting is also suitable for cast iron,aluminum parts.

*No shape edges.

*Investment casting is much more economical.

However,investment casting also has limitations.We could only cast products with weight no more than 60kg. And for thin wall thickness parts with large dimensions,like track frame,excavator buckets for construction machinery,we could only use welding process.One kind of material could be used in a investment casting,however,we could choose multi-materials in a metal fabrication part. Tongda will help you to design how to replace steel fabrication parts with investment castings.