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  • Carbon steel is one of main materials in steel casting industry. According to the carbon contents, carbon steels are classified as three types


  • Cast steels are with certain castablities in China. And st​eel casting is the widely used process to make components for various indutries. . Let's talk about this here briefly.


  • Cast iron shift forks are one of the important components in car gearboxes. Shift forks are connected with the change level hand. The main fuction is for clutch shifting.


  • For some specially requirements, investment castings made by TD foundry require for polishing surface treatment in China. Polishing can't change the size of the investment castings. Polishing can make the surface of investment castings more smooth and more shiny.


  • When designing the mould structure of investment castings,we should try to make the structure impact and the operation should be very convenient.Meanwhile,also should ensure mold parts have enough strength and stiffness.


  • Wax pattern making is very important in the process of lost wax casting process.The quality of wax pattern will have directl influence on lost wax castings.Below are the introduction of common defects and solutions for wax pattern when making.