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Cast Planter Wheel Arms in China


Tongda can cast various types of wheel arms for agricultrual planters in China.

These cast planter wheels arms are OEM ones. They are designed and produced according to drawings from OEM agricultural equipments manufacturers. Wheel Arms, works as one kind of planter arm kits, are used to fix the wheels cross hole stem bearings. The cast planter arms will be used together with threaded bushing and other mounting hardwares.

Planter wheel arms are #1 wear part amoung kits on planters. Material used for production is Ductile iron QT500-7(equivalent of EN-GJS-500-7) or Ductil iron QT450-10(equivalent of EN-GJS-450-15). Some arms might also be made from high wear resistant alloy steels. Choosing of material depends on planter manufacturer's design.

Such ducitle iron cast planter wheel arms are made in sand casting process in Tongda. The holes and some assembling surfaces will also be machined to make them accurate enough for final assembling. To protect the surface from rusty, the cast planter wheel arms will also be painted before packing. The painting color can be black, green or blue.

If you have RFQ's for cast planter wheel arms, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices with qualified products.

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