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Brazing Technology


Brazing Technology also called as Soldering Technology is widely used in the industry of agricultural and drillingmachinery building, electricity equipment and instruments manufacturing. Such as hard alloy toolings, drill bits, heat exchanger, etc.

According to the different melting point of welding flux, brazing technology is classified by soft brazing(With melting point less than 450℃, strength of connection point less than 70MPa, mostly used melting flux is TN) and hard brazing(With melting point higher than 450℃, strength of connection point more than 200MPa. Most used melting flux is braze, aluminium, silver, nickle etc.).

Heating processes for brazing technology include flame brazing, baking brazing, infrared ray brazing, laser brazing & induction brazing. Among them, induction brazing is the best way  in brazing technology.

*Modified work efficiency
*Quick positioned heating
*Contant temperature control, 
*Less oxidation & clear environment
*Eliminiating distortion or other connection defects during welding

Tongda casts various investment castings, some of the castings are used in fields of soil ploughing, rock drilling, and material handling. To meet the tipical requirements from some customers, we've also invested in a Brazing production line. With such line, we can braze the castings with required tungsten tiles or tungsten carbide tiles before delivery. Upon receipt of the products, the customers no need to spend any time or costs to do such a job again. This save time and especially costs for customers, due to the different production costs, such as labour cost, electricity cost, raw material costs, etc.