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Features of stainless steel casting special resin


The most important feature of stainless steel investment casting special resin is high temperature resistance.Even at very high temperature,could maintain the integrity of structure and stablity of the sizes.Below are the main features of stainless steel casting special resin:

*The content of alkaline phenolic resin free formaldehyde is low,just 0.2%;Curing agent used is without any peculiar smell and is harmless to human body.Also it has no bad effect on environment,so the sanitary condition is good.

*Good curing performance and adjustable draw time.Three types of curing agent could meet core sand curing in different seasons.

*Resin and curing agent do not contain harmful elements such as N, P, S,ect.It could eliminate defect of airhole caused by elements of S,P,N.

*Good applicability on original sand.Alkaline phenolic resin is not only suitable for low acid consumption value of quartz sand, zircon sand and South Africa chromite sand.Also suitable for all kinds of high value acid consumption sea sand, chromite sand and magnesia olivine sand, etc.

*Alkaline phenolic resin self-hardening sand have low gas evolution and with low volume and good collapsibility.

*Unique high temperature resistance.Sand mold core made of alkaline phenolic resion has the characteristic of thermoplastic and secondary hardening properties in high temperature casting.Thus can prevent defects such as cracking and burrs.Therefore,we can say stainless steel casting special resin is our ideal choice for manufacturing stainless steel investment castings.