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How to design drawing for investment casting?


Software for design investment casting

Installing a software in the computer is the first step for designing investment castings.Such software could be DXF, Parasolid, Step, Iges, Solidworks, Catia, Pro-Engineer,ect.We mostly use CAD software.But many old purchasers do not know how to use such software,even computer,just drawing with hand,but it is not so standard.So it is important to be skillful at designing software.

Drawing number

The drawing number of each product should be different.Normally drawing number consists of some letters and figures,like TD-001.When communicate with customer,we will exactly know which product we are talking about.

Mark main dimensions

Marking main dimensions is the most important step to design a drawing.We could not mark all the dimensions in the drawings,but some main dimensions are feasible. By these main dimensions,we will know the structure and gross weight,then we could judge whether it is suitable for manufacturing with investment casting process.If the product is very large,then we will advise sand casting.

Mark dimension tolerances

To ensure assembling,we will mark dimension tolerance for some dimensions after finishing making dimensions.We just need to mark main dimension tolerances which may affect the assembling.And in the bottom of the drawing,unspecified tolerances should also be add.From those main dimension tolerance,we will know if machining is required.If so,where we need to do machining.And finish machining job,what machining equipment should be provided.


According to usage of investment castings,proper material should be marked also in a drawing.When choosing investment casting material,we could combine the usage of product and material properties.Like material for agricultural castings,it is best to use some wear resistance,like 42CrMo,AISI8630,ect to longer the serving life.


Marking weight for designed investment casting parts will make a drawing more perfect.It will help investment casting manufacture save much time when calculating the price.

Above are the main factors when designing drawing for investment casting.We,Fly foundry could also help you design drawing according to your sample if we manufacture investment castings.