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Normally Used Metal Shaping Processes in China


Besides investment casting technology, there're lots of other metal shaping processes in China. Our company is experienced in sourcing such products for customers. Let's talk about these metal shaping processes briefly here. 

1)Die Casting

Die casting technology is mostly used for aluminum alloys castings. Molds require for die casting is made from metals. That's because that die casting require for a high pressure to inject the aluminium alloys into the molds. Aluminum die castings is very popular production process to make components for various industries.

2)Sand Casting

There're weight and structure limitation for investment castings in our factory. Sand casting technology can help to solve such problems. For products with big sizes, ductile or grey iron, we usually suggest to make products in sand casting process. The only problem is the surface roughness and the casting tolerances are bigger than investment castings.


Normally used forging processes include open die forging and close die forging(also called mold forging or drop forging). Forging process can help to get the metal products with more high density and mechanical properties. But forging process is only good for forgings with simple structure. 


For products with simple shape, especially the bar shapes, they can be made by drawing from plates or bar materials.


Some metal parts are with thin wall thickness and regular shapes. Such metal parts can be made by stamping or pounching process. Production volum of such products are very high. Thus, such problems is much suitable for products with thin wall thickness and big volume. 


For metal parts with small usage quantities, we also consider to make them by machining the solid material directly. Production time of such metal shaping process is short. The investment cost is also lower than moulding processes. Dimensions accurancy of machined parts are the best.But the costs are higher for complex parts.

So, besides investment castings, if you have different metal parts inquires, please just contact us. We will offer you the qualified products with good services.