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Valve Steel Castings In China


Tongda Casting is experted in making valve steel castings in China.

Valves are widely used for buildings construction. Big percentage of these valve components are made by steel castings.

Materials widely used are ASTM A216 WCB, WCC, ZG310-570(ZG45), CF8M, CF8, etc.

Production process

1.For small valve steel castings with weights less than 5kgs, we usually use Silical Sol Casting process. 

2.For valve steel castings with weights from 1kgs to 30kgs, usually water glass casting process is used for production.

Both the above casting processes are types of investment castings in our foundry. 

3.For big size valve steel castings with weight more than 30kgs, sand casting process is used in China. 

Our foundry is equiped with testing instrument, such as Spectrum, Hardness tester, Impact instrument, etc. We can control the quality of the valve steel castings well. So, if you have such inquiries, please contact us.