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Railroad Maintenance Castings


In our foundry, we make lots of railroad maintenance castings. Such railroad castings are used widely for replacing and repairing the railroads all over the world. 

Railroad castings are the main components for the railway construction. Such components include steel rails, sleeper, couplers, rack bed, rail brace, turnout junctions, etc. These railroad castings must be assembled tightly to allow the railway working well. To achieve these, properties of the railroad investment castings should be stable and with enough strength.

Material used for railroad maintenance investment castings are carbon steel, alloy steel and wear resistance alloy steels. In such materials, the railroad castings are with high strength, good impact, fatigue resistance and high wear resistance characteristics.

Production processes used for making railroad maintenance castings are investment casting, sand casting, and forging. According to structure, material and mechanical properties requirements, different production processes required. In our foundry, we cast railroad castings with weight ranging from 0.5kgs to 50kgs. 

Surface treatments for railroad maintenance castings are various. According to customer's requirements, they can be painted, powder coated, Zin plated, etc. 

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