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Investment casting foundry in Ningbo


Investment casting is a major supplier of mechanical industry blank.It is one of the important basis in machinery manufacturing industry  and occupies an important position in national economy.We,Ningbo Tongda foundry has made great development in recent years.

1.Current situation of Ningbo casting foundry

1)Have formed a certain casting production scale

Ningbo foundry industry has developed rapidly in recent years.According to 233 casting foundries, in year 2010,casting production has reached 403400 tons,24961 staff people are employed,sales amount is 3.29178 billion RMB, has formed a certain scale of casting production.

2)Most foundries are private with flexible management mechanism.

Most Ningbo foundries are private and state-owned foundries has been gradually exited from the casting industry.Due to flexible operational mechanism,ningbo foundry is developing rapidly.

3)Obvious massive economic characteristics

Production of cast iron parts is focused on Yinzhou district and Cixi City.But the scales of most cast iron foundries are small.And the production of cast steel parts is in Yinzhou district and mainly manufacture precision investment castings.Aluminum die casting is also a big feature of Ningbo foundry.The production of aluminum die castings are mainly located in Beilun District.

2.Development prospects and countermeasures for Ningbo Investment casting foundry

1)Adjust the casting industrial structure

The adjustment of casting industrial structure should be according to regions and casting product requirements. Starting from large backbone foundies,and combine together to form their own characteristics.

2)Adjust the product structure to block increasing raw material prices

3)Do a good planning job in foundry industry and protect environment