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Excavator Investment Castings in China


Excavator investment castings made in China were delivered into markets all around the world.

Excavator, also called 'excavating machinery', is a kind of machinery used for excavating, loading and transporting the material onto stockyard. Most components of the excavator are made by investment casting process. 

Such excavator investment castings include excavator bucket teeth, excavator bucket adapters, excavator couplers, excavator ilders, excavator sprockets, excavator hammers, excavator chains, excavator cylinders, excavator blades, etc. 

Materials used for such excavator investment castings are carbon steel, alloy steel, wear resistance steels in China. With the special designed material grades and mechanical properties, quality of these excavator investment castings made in our foundry are very good. This helps to long the life time of usage.

In our foundry, we can supply certain numbers of OEM casting components. Mostly, we welcome customers to send drawings or samples of the excavator components they needed. We can quote and produce according to these information. 

If you have such RFQ's for excavator investment castings at this moment, please contact us. Thanks.