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Lettering Types on Investment Castings in Tongda


1.First is the Part No, also names as P.N.

To inditify this investment cast part from that one, usually Part No is required to be marked on the investment castings. This will make the castings identification during investment casting process and also during application. 

2.Second is the Lot Number, also names as, Lot No, Batch number or batch code.

Lot Number marked on investment castings can make the quality of investment castings more traceable. Castings will be casted and heat treated by batches. With lot number marked on, we can find how many pieces castings and which day the castings casted were with defects. 

3.Third is the PO Number, also names as PO No.

Some clients require PO number to be stampled or casted on investment castings. In this way, upon casting parts arrival, they can easily found which PO they belonged to. Thus, help them to control the ordering system.

4.Forth is the Supplier Code.

Some customers also require the supplier code to be casted on the investment castings. This is also a kind of quality tracing methods. During using, if some parts found with defects, customers can easily find which supplier made them. Thus, to trace the quality problems with them.

5.Customer logo. 

Customers usually require their logo to be casted on the investment castings. It's a kind of advertising. When the end users use their products, other potential users might find their company and purchase products from them.

Sizes and position of such letterings are decided by customers and Tongda. Customers advising the text and position first. 

Tongda will suggest the suitable size, position to make them more easy for casting.

Besides the above letterings, Tongda is open with your other lettering requirements. If you have such RFQ's, please contact us.

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