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Design the structure of the gray iron investment castings


We usually should pay attention to the following factors when designing the structure of gray iron investment castings:

*The wall thickness should be not too thin and we may add the thickness in the corners of gray iron investment casting.To prevent chilling organization become hard and brittle,which will be hard to machine.

*The mechanical properties of gray iron investment castings are sensitive to wall thickness.So we should not improve the bearing capacity of gray iron castings by increasing wall thickness.Could through reasonable section shape to achieve the destination of both eliminate the heavy section and enhance the bearing capacity.

*Due to good liquidity,small body contraction and line narrowing of gray iron investment castings.We could design castings of thin wall and complex shape.

*The compressive strength of gray iron castings is three to four times higher than tensile strength.To give full play to the strength characteristics of gray iron investment castings,often should use asymmetric load surface, to make the casting on the cross section of compressive stress smaller and the surface of tensile stress bigger.

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