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Die Casting Defect Analysis

The main feature of insufficient binding: The metal has been cooled before the cavity is filled, or the metal weight of the material is insufficient.
The surface of the die-casting member is obvious, irregular, down-to-penetrating linear road (with penetration and non-penetrating two types), sometimes smooth, and it is possible to develop in external force.
Cause: Two metal flows are diverted to each other, but there is no combination of two metal binders in both metal flows without complete fusion. Pouring warm or die-casting temperature is low, the choice of improper alloy, the fluidity, the row position is not alive or the flow path is too long, the real speed is low, the pressure ratio is low.
The upper surface of the aluminum-coated die castings also has a macaroni-formed hollow.
For reasons, the alloy fluid is full in the pressing chamber, which is easy to generate the roll. The pressure is too high, the mold exhaust is poor, the melt is not gas, the melting temperature is too high, the mold is too high, the metal is too high, the metal is not enough, the metal is not enough. The strength is not enough, and the mold is opened early, and the pressure gas is inflated, and the release agent is too much.