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Die-casting Industry Development Product Single

The important issue affecting the development of my country's die-casting industry is still the problem of single product, low technical content. This is because my country's current market still has a large number of small-scale die-casting enterprises, and they have less die-casting equipment, less professional and technical personnel, only By producing a single, low-cost product, but also in production management or blindly unplanned production mode.

Although the number of companies engaged in the die-casting industry in foreign countries is not as many in my country, these companies are mostly high-end die-cast products. These foreign companies attach importance to the quality of the product itself, attach importance to technology and environmental protection. They use user service and corporate credibility as the business philosophy, scientific enterprise management control and management of production, technology, personnel, and attach importance to R & D and technological innovation in production. Role, these are distinctive differences from my country's die-casting industry.