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Green casting is the direction of the development of China’s foundry industry


In recent years, “green casting” has been popular in the industry, for the sake of future generations, we should green mountains and rivers. Now, how is the popularity of “green” in domestic foundry factories, and what is the most important meaning of the construction of green foundry factories for the industry, the country and the human beings. This is the focus of our foundry people.

The work of “green casting” is a slow process, and everyone needs to have a process to understand and accept. From the point of view of our contact, the popularity is far from enough. Green Foundry is an opportunity to improve the development of foundry industry. It is the embodiment of social sustainable development in manufacturing industry, and will also greatly enhance corporate social responsibility.

According to the insiders, the design of green casting is still in the exploratory stage. Some enterprises already have strong customers, but there are no problems in technology, but there are also problems such as lack of green awareness of managers and short-term benefits. The construction of green foundry is a response to national policies related to energy saving, environmental protection and social construction. Some regions also give corresponding encouragement policies to green industrial buildings. In the long run, the implementation of green industrial buildings is conducive to reducing consumption of energy and raw materials, improving social benefits, and is a huge visible and intangible asset for enterprises. With the continuous development of foundry enterprises and the improvement of environmental protection and energy saving requirements, green casting will also start from the strong new projects of large enterprises and gradually extend to small and medium-sized enterprises and technological transformation projects.

In order to carry out the work, the industry suggested that in the new construction, renovation and expansion of foundry factory or workshop, the user and designer from the construction of energy-saving, land saving, water saving, material saving “four section” casting factory and environment-friendly casting factory of promoting China casting industry upgrade, upgrade China’s foundry industry market competitiveness and social influence.