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Polishing for Investment Castings in China


Types of polishing process

Usually used polishing process are brush polishing, mirror polishing, vibration polishing and electrochemical polishing. Vibration polishing, brush polishing and mirror polishing belongs to mechanical polishing processes. The electrochemical polishing is chemical polishing process.

Polishing Steps

Polishing Preparation. Besore start polishing, the investment castings should be cleaned. Polishing agents and polishing wheels should be bought and fixed. 

For mechanical polishing, investment castings will be cleaned. Porper polishing agents will be fixed on polishing wheels. Investment casting will be rough polished, semi-polished, then final polished. For electrochemical polishing, the investment castings will be dipped into the special chemical liquid in the pool. Surce will be polished by chemical reaction.

Following up processes. After polishing, the investment castings will be cleaned by alcohol. 

Investment castings with polishing treatment are widely used as outer parts of different equiments and machineries. Such as, the corner of mirrors, shells of retroreflector, bathroom accessories, etc.