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​How to improve mould quality of investment castings?


When designing the mould structure of investment castings,we should try to make the structure impact and the operation should be very convenient.Meanwhile,also should ensure mold parts have enough strength and stiffness.In the allowed conditions of mould structure,the surface corner of mould parts should be designed as much as possible into the rounded transition,in order to avoid stress concentration.For concave mold, cavity,part concave mold,and core,can adopt combined or inlay spelling structure to eliminate the stress concentration.For long and thin convex mold or core,we will need to take proper protection measures on the structure.For cold-punching mould,we will use prevent configuration or waste blocking device (such as: play the top pin, compressed air, etc.).At the same time,we need to consider how to reduce the effect of abrasion on the quality of mould in use for a long time.

Proper use and maintenance of investment casting mould, is also one of the main factors to improve the quality of the mould.Such as:It must be very appropriate to install mould.In the case of a hot runner,the power supply wiring must be correct.Cooling water will try to meet the design requirement.Injection molding machine,die-casting machine, press parameters should accord to the design requirements, etc.When the mould is really in use,we need to do regular maintenance of the mould.And fulling lubricating oil in the parts have relative motion like the guide pin, guide sleeve.For mold preventive maintenance plan,we can prevent possible problems of mould in production by data processing during maintaining process,And can also improve the work efficiency of maintenance.