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Stainless Steel Casting Technics


Tongda uses several stainless steel casting technics to cast components in China.

First stainless steel casting technics is silica sol casting. This is also the most preferred investment casting process to cast stainless steel castings in China. Stainless steel castings made by silica sol casting technics is more accurate on dimensions and better on surface roughness. Comparing with other stainless steel casting technics, silica sol casting process is with higher prices. Weights of stainless steel castings are mostly controlled between 0.1kg - 50kgs. We use green/browen wax during the silica sol casting process for stainless steel castings. 

Second stainless steel casting technics is compound casting technology. Compound casting technology, also called Semi-silical sol casting,  is a way to compund silica sol casting and water glass casting together to cast the stainless steel castings. Costs for compound casting technology is slightly lower than silical sol casting process. It can cast stainless steel castings with weight from 0.1kg to 100kgs. The dimension accurancy and surface is much better than normal lost wax casting process. 

Third stainless steel casting technics is water glass casting. Years ago, Tongda use water glass casting process to make stainless steel castings. The cost is only little lower than silica sol casting. But surface is not as good as silcal sol casting. Due to many other reasons, we seldom use water glass casting process to make the stainless steel castings. 

The final stainless steel casting tehnics is sand casting. Sand casting is widely used to make stainless steel casting in China, too. Especially for stainless steel castings with weight higher than 50kgs, sand casting process can help to control the quality. 

We are make custom stainless steel castings in different technics according to requirements from customers. If you have RFQ's for stainless steel castings, please contact us and send us drawings or samples of your products.