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Lost Foam Casting Benefits


Lost Foam Casting delivers many benefits, including:

Dimensionally accurate with typical linear tolerances of just ±0.005mm/mm

Maintains an excellent surface finish, typically between 2.5 and 25µm

Requires no draft to aid removal from the mould

Has no parting lines and no flash is formed providing a better, more consistent surface finish without the need for further machining

Unbonded sand is used which is simpler and cheaper than greens and or resin bonded sand

Fewer steps are involved than with investment casting so costs are lower

Risers are not normally needed so less metal is used and less finishing is required

Natural directional solidification takes place, so casting is more predictable with fewer defects

Foam patterns are easy to manipulate, carve, glue and handle

Multiple parts can be consolidated in a single complex casting, reducing the need for post casting assembly

Process is suitable for Aluminium and Nickel alloys, Steels and Cast Irons. It can also be used for casting Stainless Steels and Copper alloys.

Versatility: Cast parts can range from 0.5kg to several tonnes

Minimum wall thicknesses are just 2.5mm with no upper limit