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Chemically Gelled Ceramic Cores


The production steps of chemically gelled ceramic core are as follow:

1.Refractory mix of the known quantity is mixed with the liquid binder, for each single core to be produced.
2.After mixing the binder with the refractory mix, a gelling solution is added while continues stirring.
3.After the pre calculated gel time the mix is poured in the core cavity and after setting of the core it is removed from the cavity and fired.
4.The fired ceramic core after finishing is used in a die cavity to inject the wax pattern.

Disadvantages of Chemically Gelled Ceramic Cores:

*High wastage and rejection percentage.
*No suitable for mass production.
*Low consistency.
*Low hardness and strength,could not withstand the Wax Injection pressers when using the cores for wax pattern production.

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