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Investment casting cost estimation Part 2


Tooling Cost Estimation

Tooling is the most important aspect in casting and thus its cost estimation can't be simply ignored. It consists of outline and core box for sand casting and metal mould for die casting in addition to investment casting. Their cost is determined by the material and manufacturing of the tooling and the material is selected depending upon the tool life required, which is further influenced by the order quantity.Certainly the tool manufacturing cost is determined by its geometric complexity and the complexity can be calculated as: 

A0=Regression coefficients
Ca=Area complexity factor
     =I-(surface area of cube of equal volume/surface area of solid)
     =I-(6 V2/3/A)
V=Volume of part
A=Surface area of part
Cc=Core complexity factor
Nc=number of cores

However, the important point to note in this case is the area complexity factor is normally calculated by evaluating the surface area of a part with respect to the surface area of a cube of equal volume. This is based on the assumption that a cube is the simplest shape and has the least surface area for a given volume.

Today estimating the cost of investment casting has become one of the major factors for the growth of any metal casting industry. "How much does an investment casting cost in China?"The successful completion of any project largely depends on the proper and precise cost estimation of investment casting. As a project is proposed and then developed, an effective forecasting the cost of future projects is vital to the survival of any business or organization. From an owner's perspective the cost estimate actually help in determining the project scope. So if you are one of the players in this investment casting industry ,make sure to have investment casting cost estimation for successful project completion.