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Key points of manufacturing aluminum die castings


*Due to the design of the aluminum alloy die casting is very similar with ordinary plastic mould design, so aluminum alloy die casting in design can be reference to plastic parts design scheme.

*The melting point of aluminum die casting is large,so the accuracy of its design is alsl relatively strict.Welding will shorten the life of mould,so we should try our best to avoid welding.

*Die casting is generally allowing uneven angle because of the easy occurrence collapse caused by die casting angle.

*The precision of aluminum die casting is poorer than that of plastic mould and the required draft force is bigger than that of plastic,so the structure of aluminum die casting should avoid overly complex,we could break complex parts into two or more parts when necessary.

*We normally do machining of aluminum die castings after cone hole,while using 0.3mm machining allowance for hign demand matching parts.

*It is easy to produce porosity of aluminum die castings,so we must be clear with appearance design before manufacturing.