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Investment casting made in China


Investment casting is one of the oldest metal forming process,people also call it lost wax casting.Wax is used to form a pattern,which is the same shape of product.It will be melted under high temperature and steel liquid will be poured into the shell.This process is allowable for any shape with different sizes.This process also has long history in China.Since in year 2001,China took part in WTO,trading with foreign countries is becoming more and more frequent,it also brought a good chance for foundries to export investment castings to foreign companies.And many steel foundries or iron foundries were built to follow this trend.So "investment casting made in China" enjoy popular support by global companies.But people also have different options on "investment casting made in China"

Pros:"With investment castings made in China,we could get cheap investment castings with high quality,which will greatly reduce lots of costs.We could purchase all the investment castings we need from them".--Yes,comparing with investment casting made in western countries,investment castings from China is relatively cheaper.And the same time,we could also provide machining service if possible.

Cons:"Investment casting made in China is really a rubbish,we really have no way to get products we need"--All the investment castings made are different,we may fail in the sample development stage and need second try.Due to the different strength and scale of different foundries,some foundries may make unqualified castings,but other foundries could ensure the quality.Maybe the customer did not find right supplier.So it is really important to learn how to find a good investment casting supplier in China.

Ningbo Tongda Precise Casting Co.,Ltd is a top investment casting foundry that makes the best investment castings.We manufacture all the investment castings in Ningbo,China.We are famous for supplying custom investment castings in various industries.The mission statement of our foundry is:We are driven to be the excellent standard in the Investment Casting Industry through superior Customer satisfaction, consistent quality, and added value through our engineering and technological expertise.