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How to find a good investment casting supplier in China?


Due to the needs of various metal parts for industries,metal casting process was invented.We could make metal castings with different materials and structures.Normally,we could devided the casting process into investment casting and sand casting.Investment casting is mainly adopted in small precision metal parts.However,sand casting is mostly for larger parts.

In China,especially in Ningbo,which is the second large port(Shanghai is the largest port city),many casting foundries are built,among them,mostly are investment casting foundry.To investment casting purchasers,it is most important and difficult to choose good supplier at the beginning,even if they could find many supplier for pricing comparison.If the price is low,they may worry about the quality.For high price,the budget may be not enough.Today we would like to discuss how to find a good investment casting supplier in China.

1)In most cases,cooperating with an investment casting supplier starts from quotation.After getting prices from different suppliers,the purchaser needs to see whether the quotations are within their budgets.If yes,then compare which price is low at the basis of good quality.And further communicate with the suppliers they are satisfied.

2)If the project is very large,then purchasing company could arrange a visit to one to two suppliers to see their scale and production capacity.This is the most direct way to check the strength of a supplier.

3)If visiting is not available at this moment,then they could assess an investment casting supplier by some technical questions during email or call communication,to see whether they are professional.Like how to avoid investment casting defects during production and delivery process,how to ensure the delivery time,which investment casting process is more suitable according to the size of investment castings,which material specification is more better,ect. All these questions will show a investment casting supplier's capacity.

4)Besides,delivery time is also important,the purchaser need to confirm the lead time with the investment casting supplier before placing orders.And how they will ensure the lead time.

5)At last,it is better for investment casting purchaser to have a brief understand on the investment casting material market.Then you would know the round cost by manufacturing investment castings.