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Investment casting advantages


Investment casting process is commonly used for industry manufacturing.So what are the advantages of it?

Wide choice of Material

Almost all metals could be applicated in investment casting.We could produce various metal investment castings with standard material specifications.So steel,iron,aluminum is all suitable.Take steel for example,we could choose either stainless steel,alloy steel,carbon steel according to the property requirements of products.

Good surface finish

We normally use aluminum material as mould material,except large parts.And such patterns are all made by high precision CNC lathe.So the accuracy of mould is quite high.Thus investment castings made by aluminum pattern are all with good surface finish.Sometimes,we even do not need to machine.

Time&cost saving

Once investment casting pattern is finished,we could pour investment castings at least 500kg one furnace and just repeat this process for more quantity.So short time is enough.Besides,investment casting process is well in repalce of welding and even machining job,which will save lots costs.

Wide casting process

Investment casting is just a large theory.We could divide investment casting process into lost wax casting and lost foam casting.And lost wax casting could also be divided into water glass casting and silica sol casting.Here in Ningbo, 60% casting foundries belongs to water glass casting factory.It is normally used to produce alloy steel,carbon steel castings.And 20% foundries uses lost foam casting,we could choose this process when the material is cast iron.And the rest is silica sol casting foundry,which is for stainless steel castings.

Convenient delivery

After finishing investment castings,we pack them well and wait for delivery.Ningbo has its own port and we could send our products to customer's destination port directly.According to our country's trading policy,some destination ports are free of freight cost if the total weight is no more than one container(20t).So sometimes freight cost will be saved.

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