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​FAQs of investment castings-2


1.Except casting process,does Tongda foundry also do machining job? Or do the machining from outsurcing factories?

Yes,we could do machining ourselves after casting,detailed information of machining equipments.

2.What are the differences between investment castings and die castings?

Investment casting is a casting process for high melting point materials,like steel,iron,ect.However,die casting process could only for low melting point material,like zinc,aluminum.

3.How to improve the roughness of iron castings?

Some iron castings require for high roughness or smoothness. So, we need pay attention on this during casting process.

4.What leads to the deformation of steel castings?

Deformation usually happened on finished steel castings. Then, what leads to the deformation of steel castings? The main reasons are stress left inside casting, structure changing due to heat treating and other unproper design or operation processes during casting.

5.What's the current production costs for investment castings in China?

Production costs for investment castings are changeable due to changes on many factors. Currently in China, the costs to produce investment castings are keeping increasing. The increasing are caused by several reasons, such as raw material costs increasing, labour cost increasing, etc.

6.What's difference between investment casting and precision casting?

Both precision casting and investment casting are normally heard in the casting industry.  Then, what's difference between investment casting and precision casting?