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Difference between Aluminum Impeller and Steel Impeller


Tongda foundry casts both aluminum impellers and steel impellers in China. Such cast impellers are widely used in lots of industries. Then, what's the difference between Aluminum Impeller and Steel Impeller?


1) Aluminum impellers are made in material of alloy aluminum, such as aluminum A356, aluminum A360, etc. 

2) Steel impellers are made in material of steel, such as alloy steel and stainless steel, such as stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, etc.

2.Casting process

1)Aluminum impellers are mainly casted in aluminum die casting process and gravity casting process.

2)Steel impellers are mainly produced in investment casting (water glass casting or silica sol casting) process in China. Silica sol cast impellers in China are the most widely used ones now.

3. Weight 

1)Density of aluminum is about 2.7g/cm³. Thus, weight of the aluminum impeller is small. Small weight of impellers can help to save owner consumption.

2)Density of steel is about 7.85g/cm³. Thus weight of the steel impeller is higher than aluminum impellers. 

4. Melting point

1)Melting point of aluminum is about 660℃. Thus, aluminum impellers can't be used in the high temperature condition.

2)Melting point of steel is about 1500℃. Thus, steel impellers can be used in the high temperature condition for assembling.

5.Working condition

1)After oxidizing, aluminum impellers can achieve an oxidation film. Such oxidation film will stop further oxidation process on
the surface of the impellers. This can help to protect the surface of the impellers. 

2)But steel impellers are easily oxidized, if it's not stainless steel impellers. 

So, if impellers are used in working condition of corrosivity environment, it's much better to choose the aluminum or stainless 
steel impellers.

6. Strength 

Strength of steel impellers are better than aluminum impellers. Thus, steel impellers are chosen to be assembled into the large-scale fan.

Generally, the customers decide materials of impellers, whether aluminum or steel, according to their design and the working condition of the impellers. 

If you have RFQs for impellers, please contact us. Tongda foundry will supply you the qualified impellers with good services.