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Investment castings for oil and gas industry


Tongda foundry has the ability and skills to deliver investment castings for oil and gas industry.We have been supplying quality investment castings to the oil and gas industry for more than 28 years.As these investment castings are used in high temperature and high working power,so they encounter hard working conditions(water,mud,crude,ect).By using investment casting technique,we could creat near net shape or net shape parts with high woring performance and wear resistance.From quick sample inspection,large volume production,we could all meet your schedule needs on time.

Investment castings we are making for oil and gas industry:

*Valve and pump components


*Drilling components

*Slip parts

*Elevator parts

*Other castings

We could make investment castings for oil and gas industry with wide range of investment casting material,such as stainless steel,carbon steel,alloy steel,ect. We are happy to start our cooperation from a trial order with small quantity.To ensure high quality,we could also provide a series of NDA,including x-ray,dye penetration inspection,ect. In short,we have comprehensive manufacturing capabilities to offer you our best service from design to final assembly.