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The production process of the sand casting

Drafting(sand casting)
The traditional method is to obtain casting drawings and send them to the foundry. This process can be completed in the quotation. Nowadays, more and more customers and foundry manufacturers use computer-aided design to replace.

Mold(sand casting)
In sand casting, the mold is made of wood or other metal materials. In this process, we ask our engineers to make the die size slightly larger than the finished product, and the difference is called shrinkage allowance. The purpose is that the molten metal acts on the mold to ensure the solidification and shrinkage of the molten metal, so as to prevent cavities in the casting process.

Core making(sand casting)
As long as the core is made by placing resin sand particles in the mold to form a casting with an internal surface. Therefore, the gap between the core and the mold eventually becomes casting.

forming(sand casting)
A pair of molds need to be prepared in the melting and forming process. Molding usually involves the supporting frame of the mold, pulling out the mold to separate it during the casting process, melting the previously placed core in the mold, and then closing the mold mouth.