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Investment Cast Clamps in Tongda


Investment cast clamps made in China are widely used in pipeline construction industry all around the world.

Material of the investment cast clamps

Material used are alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. Materials are choosen according to working conditions of the clamps. 

Production process of investment cast clamps

In Tongda, these clamps are made by investment casting process. The smaller clamps and stainless steel clamps can be made by silica sol casting process. The bigger clamps can be made by water glass casting process. Besides investment casting clamps, we can also supply customed forge clamps, sand casting clamps and die cast clamps.

Surface treatment of investment cast clamps

Some customers require for surface treatment on the cast clamps. Such clamp casting surface treatment includes zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing(HDG), painting, powder coating and polishing, etc. Client choose the best surface treatment according to application of the investment cast clamps they required.

Inspection of investment cast clamps

Inspection include dimensional inspection, material testing and function testing. Tongda investment cast foundry equiped with various dimensional measuring tools. The material will be tested on spectrum before investment casting and after investment casting. To control the assembling function, we will make a gauge, same size as the matching part, to test the investment cast clamps. Just to be sure that there're no any problems for assembling when products received by customers.

Packing of investment cast clamps

Investment cast clamps with specific surface treatment will be packed well to protect the surface. Packed products will be loaded in plywood box with a big plastic bag in. Some clients require for separate carton packaging. 

Delivery of investment cast clamps

We can offer prices for investment cast clamps based on EXW, FOB and CIF terms. We are good at delivery arrangement. 

If you have any RFQs for clamps made by investment casting, or any other clamps, please contact us.