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Precision Casting in Tongda


First of all, We were back from the Festival and resume to work .Let’s develop a bigger market together in the New Year, welcome to come to inquire.

Precision casting is another name of investment casting, also called lost wax casting. It refers to make machinery components in lost wax casting process. Tongda is professional on the precision casting process.

Precision casting process, comparing to sand casting process, can control better dimension accuracy and better surface finish. It contains lost wax casting, lost foam casting, silica sol casting, die casting, and shell casting, etc. 

Castings made in precision casting process can be with complex structure. The finished precision castings are almost with final shape. They can be without machined or only little machining process. 

Material in precision casting process is carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. Mostly used material specification are GB20, AISI1020, GB45, AISI1045, GB42CrMoA, ASTM 8630, DIN SS335, BS3100, ASTM A148 Grade 90-60, etc. Tongda can cast precision castings with weight range from 0.1kg - 100kgs. 

Main processes for precision casting: wax/foam injection, trimming and welding wax trees, sand shell mould-making, dewaxing, baking the shell mould, casting, heat treating, short blasting, machining, surface treating, inspection and packing.

Tongda can supply drawings designing services with CAD, CAM, CAE, SOLIDWORKS system. If you have RFQ's for precision castings, please contact us.