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Investment castings in agricultural machinery


In modern society,agricultural machinery is becoming more and more important than before by development of science and technology .So some advanced agricultural machines like tractor,cultivator,chisel plow,subsoiler,air seeder,harvester,ect are made for production demands.However,most of the machines manufacture purchase parts from parts manufacturers.Thus Tongda often  make investment castings for agricultural parts dealers or machine manufactures.

The characteristics of investment castings in agricultural machinery are:

a,Agricultural castings are normally small,so we use lost foam casting or water glass casting technology to make.

b,the purchasing quantity of these parts are not big, usually no more than 1000pcs each type.

c,Besides investment casting, tillage points are often made by castings with tungsten brazed. So Tongda could also braze the tungsten carbide to investment castings.

d,As the parts are often used in the soils with rock,so there are high demands on casting materials,which are required for  high wear resistance and high impact,so that the working life could be longer.

We could make investment castings for agricultural machinery according to customer's drawings or samples.So if you have any demands for such parts,pls let me know.We will send you our best prices for your reference first.