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How to custom investment castings from Tongda?


Tongda is a casting factory mainly custom investment castings for customers all over the world.We are a top investment casting foundry located in Ningbo,China.Our management idea is to help our customers to buy cheap investment castings from China on the basis of good quality.Today we would like to talk about how to custom investment castings from our foundry.

1)First of all,you need to get our company information.Normally,most of our customers will know our information by finding investment casting supplier on google,as we are in the top five pages on google search engine.So it is convenient for you to get our company information.Besides,maybe our customers will also introduce other customer who need to purchase investment castings from us.

2)So called"custom investment castings" means manufacture castings according to customer's drawing or sample directly.After getting our contact information,pls email us the drawings.If drawings are not available at this time,sample is also workable for us to quote or manufacturing.We will send you our competitive prices if we could custom the investment castings.

3)Once we could reach agreement on the pricing,then place us the orders(sample order is also ok for first cooperation).After getting your PO,we will sent proforma invoice to you by email.At this time,a complete PO procedure will start.For more,pls follow our PO procedure page.

4)Although all investment castings are in different shapes,we will all follow the investment casting process.Molding making is always the first step for us to custom investment castings.It will cost our customer at least 1000usd. As pattern,fixture,modification are all considered when offering tooling costs.