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Cast Iron Lost Foam Casting in China


Tongda supplies cast iron castings made in lost foam casting process in China.

Cast iron is a kind of material used to make lots of machinery components. It's with low production costs, but still good at wear resistance. So, for many industries that require lower strength, but require for good wear resistance, cast iron is widely used. 

Production technics for Cast irons

The mostly used production technics for cast iron is sand casting. The costs is much lower and good for large quantity production. But the dimensions and surface of sand cast iron castings are not so perfect. So, in Tongda, we make the cast iron castings in process of lost foam casting, too. Lost foam casting is a kind of investment casting in China. This production process can control the accurate dimensions and achieve a better surface on the cast iron castings. 

Cast Iron Lost Foam Castings Specification

Cast iron include grey iron(gray iron) and ductile iron(spheroidal graphite cast iron). After casting and heat treating, the structure of ductile iron will be better nodulized and with better mechanical property. Thus, production costs of ductile iron castings are a bit higher than grey cast iron castings. Usually used iron grades are HT200, HT250, HT300, QT400-12, QT450-10, QT500-7, QT600-3, etc. 

Cast Iron Lost Foam Castings Application

These cast iron castings made by lost foam casting process are widely used in the transmission system, such as cast iron gears, cast iron brackets, casting iron couplers, etc. Besides this, the cast iron lost foam castings also used in many other industries. 

Tongda quotes and produce such cast iron lost foam castings according to drawings or samples from customers. We can open drawings in format of .igs, .pdf, .igs, .step and others. If your have such RFQ's, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices and services.

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