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The definition of the low carbon steel

Low carbon steel is a carbon steel with carbon content less than 0.25%. It is also called mild steel because of its low strength and low hardness. It includes most ordinary carbon structural steels and some high-quality carbon structural steels. Most of them are used for engineering structural parts without heat treatment, and some are used for mechanical parts requiring wear resistance after carburizing and other heat treatment.

The annealed microstructure of low carbon steel is ferrite and a small amount of pearlite, which has low strength and hardness, good plasticity and toughness. Therefore, its cold formability is good, and cold forming can be carried out by crimping, bending, stamping and other methods. This steel also has good weldability. Low carbon steel generally refers to the steel with carbon content between 0.10 ~ 0.25%. This kind of steel has low hardness and good plasticity. It is easy to adopt cold plastic deformation forming process, welding and cutting. It is often used to manufacture chains, rivets, bolts, shafts, etc.