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PO Procedure for investment castings


A PO Procedure starts from inquiry to PO closed.To make this process standard,we have a strick procedure to follow.Tongda mainly exporting investment castings to overseas customers,such PO procedure will help us to have a better communication with our customers.

Once customers get our contact information and have the intention to purchase investment casting from our foundry,then they should send 2D/3D drawings or sample to us first.Our sales manager translates the drawing into Chinese and forwarders to the technical department.Our engineer will first check whether the product is suitable for us to manufacture.

If the drawing or sample we get is ok for us to make,then we will first calculate the price.Before calculating prices,we must ensure we have got enough information from our customer about the investment casted products,such as material specification,weight,quantity,ect.Otherwise,we will have no way to offer correct prices.

To start investment casting manufacturing,mould will first be made,sometimes,we even need to do jig to avoid deformation of investment castings.So we check tooling cost(maybe includes jig fees) first from mould factory.If customer has the mould,then tooling cost is not required.For material,if it is not convenient for us to purchase,we will discuss with our customer to see whether we could use other casting material instead.It will take about 2-3 days to finish price calculating.

After checking price,our engineer will send a price list to sale manager,and lead time is also advised.Our sales manager will make a detailed quotation sheet with full information(our company information,purchaser information,price of product,lead time,ect) marked.And then send to our customer.

If our customer is satisfied with our price,then just send a PO to us first.We will first make a proforma invoice with our bank information,for receiving 100% tooling cost and 30% prepayment of production.

After receiving prepayment from our customer,we will send an email with full product information to our engineer,so that all the information is correct.Once confirmed,we will start mould making right away,it may take about 15 days to finish this pricess,then pouring 2-3 samples according to the pattern.After pouring,do heat treatment and surface cleaning to get finished investment castings.Besides,machining is also available,we have our own workshop.

The next step is to send samples to our customer for inspection,if samples are acceptable,then go ahead for mass production.Usually 30 working days is enough unless very large quantity.When all products are ready,we will contact our customer to confirm shipment information and shipment term(either by air or by sea is ok).After shipment,balance payment will required and invoice for balance payment will be send together with custom clearance documents.after getting payment,we will ask our forwarder to arrange telex release.Then our customer could take investment castings with telex released document after they get to destination port.

Even our customer has received their investment castings,we will also follow the working performance.And will keep good contact with our customer for further cooperation!