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Water glass casting automatic production line


Water glass casting is one kind of the investment casting process, which is seldomly used in other countries. But is widely used in Chinese foundries for more than 50 years. Lot of spare parts for machine building or construction projects are made in such casting process. Water glass casting factories takes up more than 80% of all the investment casting factories.

Compare with other investment casting process, such as the Silica sol casting process, lost foam casting process, water glass casting process can help to save production costs, short production time, so it's a much more effective casting process. 

Currently, most of the water glass casting factories are making sand shell moulds, dewax manually. The products of quality can not be controlled stably because of labour changes. Different engineers or workers will make different products. Skills are different among workers. One worker may make the products well, but if change another worker, there might be problems with quality of the products. To solve such problems, we've add an automatic production line to make the water glass castings.

With such automatice production line, we can keep the quality of the water glass castings stable. Such process also help to save labour costs and short production time. Such production line is extrmely suitable for casting parts with high volume requirements.

If you have such casting process requirements for your products, pls feel free to contact us.