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Solutions for improving quality of stainless steel investment castings


Each enterprise all expects to enlarge the sales of stainless steel investment castings by improving casting quality.But it is not easy for stainless steel casting company to do this job.According to our many years' experience,we could improve the quality and reduce costs from thress aspects:

*Reduce the cost, the first thing is to improve the quality of stainless steel investment casting and increase the qualified rate .Mention to reduce costs, the general reaction is to cut down the price of raw materials, purchase cheap raw materials or reducing the amount of stainless steel raw materials.Investment casting company should operate according to the requirements of process.It will be a loss on the condition of blindly save.Real savings should be keeping the original craft materials, improving functions and reducing weld grinding rate.Thus could we really reduce the cost and save energy.

*Ensure the process standard.A good investment casting enterprise needs at least a good engineer.Good engineer should not only analyse product defects and resolve defects in time, but also in the production of stainless steel casting process control produce of defects to make products stable.Real engineers will see a problem from the view of analysis,supervise main quality links andcontrol the defects outside the production process.Besides,they could use a complete set of strict operating process to oversee every production process and ensure the quality of the product. The improvement and standardization of technology is the basis of quality assurance.

*Strict management system and improve the work efficiency.Each stainless steel foundry should conform to their own actual situation to formulate management rules and regulations.At the same time also want to consider the work achievement of workers and the actual environment to cooperate with each other.