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Lost Foam Cast Grey Iron product in China


Tongda supplies lost foam cast grey iron product in China for many years. 

Grey cast iron, also called as gray cast iron, is a kind of iron specifications used to cast different machinery components.  Different to ductile iron castings, lost foam cast grey iron castings are with lower strength, lower plasticity, higher brittleness and good weakening shake properties. So, lost foam cast grey iron castings are widely used to produce productswith lower strength requirements, but with high requirements on stress, such as products, valve, pump body, seating housing, etc. 

Production Technics for Cast Grey Iron Product

In Tongda, cast grey iron products are made in lost foam casting process and sand casting process. For grey iron products with higher surface and accurancy requirements, we choose lost foam casting technics to produce them for customers. It's a kind of investment casting in China. For simple and low quality requirements products, we use sand casting to produce the grey iron products. It saves costs for customers. Production technics is determined by customers or based on our proposal. 

Material Specification for Lost Foam Cast Grey Iron product

Grey iron grade 200(HT200), grade 250(HT250) and grade 300(HT300) are the commonly used grey iron for casting in Tongda. Choosing of cast grey iron grades is based on quality requirement on specific products. Production costs differ little between each grade.  

Application of Lost Foam Cast Grey Iron product

These cast grey iron products made by lost foam casting process are widely used in the transmission system, such as elevators, trucks, material handling equipments, etc. 

Tongda quotes and produce such lost foam cast grey iron products according to drawings or samples from customers. If your have such RFQ's, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices and services.