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Shot blasting for aluminum die castings


With the development of automobile, machinery, aerospace, instrumentation and other industries,the application of aluminum die castings are gradually expanded.Meanwhile,aluminum die casting purchasers also put forward higher requirement on the surface quality.Now we would like to introduce shot blasting for aluminum die castings.

1.The characteristics of the shot blasting cleaning process

1)High productivity.Due to the adoption of new type shot blasting machine in 110 ~ 260 kg/min mass ejection volume, mass ejection speed of 50 ~ 75 m/s, we can finish cleaning up in a few minutes. For larger batch size or larger parts can use multiple blasting at the same time.

2)After dealing with the shot blasting, can remove attachments,thin edge, fins, stains on the surface of the workpiece and remove the scratch, make the aluminum die casting presents matrix.

3)Eliminate surface stress concentration. Aluminum die casting parts in the cooling process, because of the unequal wall thickness, cooling rate, lead to surface stress concentration. After blast cleaning,can improve the surface structure, eliminate surface stress, to improve the fatigue strength, and make a slightly improve of surface hardness.

4)Increase the surface beauty.

2.Shot blast cleaning equipment for aluminum die castings

Due to different  shape,size,weight and surface cleaning requirement of aluminum die castings, thus the shot blast cleaning equipments choosed are also not uniform.At present,the equipment used are mainly as follow:

*Hook type shot blasting cleaning machine
*Rotary table abrator
*Belt type shot blasting cleaning machine
*Rubber crawler shot blasting cleaning machine
*Chain hoist step/continuous shot blasting machine

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