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Function of Water Glass in Water Glass Casting Process


Water glass is the general calling of sodium silicate and sodium potassium silicate. It's the main elements used in water glass casting process.

There are two basic steps for casting. One is qualified cavity and the other is the steel water with proper temperature. 

To achieve qualified cavity for casting, the sand mixing and sand shelling making process should be controlled carefully. Sands can't form products shapes by themself. It require for adhesives to bond the sands together, thus to make the sands adhesive to each other. 

Water glass is just the Inorganic chemical binder for casting industry. Water glass can become ropy after dissolved in water. It will be used as adhesives to bond the sands together. Wax shells will be first dipped in dissolved then covered by sands. This process repeated at least 5 times. Then, we can get the required solid sand shells. After dewax process, the sand shell with cavity is achieved. 

Thus, the water glass is one of the important elements used in water glass casting process. Water glass casting is one process of investment casting. The production cost is lower than silica sol casting process. So, water glass casting is widely used to make castings in various industries. If you have RFQ’s for water glass castings, please contact us.