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Difference Between Investment Casting and Precision Casting


Both precision casting and investment casting are normally heard in the casting industry. Then, what's difference between investment casting and precison casting? 

Investment casting is a casting technique for making accurate castings in steel and iron materials by using a mold formed around a pattern of wax, then melted the wax and pouring the steel or iron water into the sand shell. 

Precision casting is another name of investment casting. It's called by different people from different countries. By using precision, people can know that the dimension accurancy for castings made in investment casting or precision casting is much better than sand casting.

Some time, we even use precision investment casting to introduce or name the investment casting processes. 

Materials used for investment casting and precision castings are almost the same. The mainly used are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, grey iron, gray iron and ductile irons. Some white irons, such as Ni-hard 4, Hi chrome or high nickle, can also be used for precision casting or investment casting processes. The specific casting process is lost foam casting. 

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