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Lost Foam Cast OEM products in China


Tongda casts OEM products in lost foam casting process in China. 


OEM products are the main component in the industries of Automobiles,G.E.T., Forklifts, Marines and Railways. According to application and different press test requirements, the OEM products can be made by casting or forging processes.Material mainly choosen to cast the OEM products is grey iron, ductile iron and carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steels. The choosen of materials depends on function of the OEM products. 


OEM products can be made by investment casting, sand casting, and lost foam casting process. Especially for the OEM products with complex structure, lost foam casting is used to cast them. The foam shells will be evaporated during steel water pouring into the sand shell. There's no need to clean the sands or sand cores.Production costs are much more lower to cast the complex OEM products in lost foam casting process. There's no need to make the complex  pattern as the sand casting process. We need only to profile the foam plates, then assemblied the foam plates together to make the foam shells. This will save the pattern costs much. There's no need to make the sand cores for the inner cavities. This also save costs. After casting, the corners, even the cavities are more clean, thus, to save the following sand cleaning process. Nowdays, more and more foundries start to use lost foam casting process to produce the complex valve body due to the cost-effective purpose. 


If you have RFQ's on OEM products with complex structure, please contact us. We can quote according to your samples or drawings of products.