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Castability of Cast Steel


Cast steels are with certain castablities in China. And steel casting is the widely used process to make components for various indutries. . Let's talk about this here briefly.

First castability, cast steel water with bad liquidity. 

Liquidity of cast steel is not good, due to several factors, such as the chemical elements, etc. You can learn more by clicking Castability Difference Bewteen Cast Iron and Steel. 

Second castability, shrinkage of cast steel is big.

Shrinkage of steel castings is much bigger on both the volum and line. This affect the castability of cast steel. For details, you 
can click Shrinking Percentage of Steel Castings China.

Third castablity, easily oxidized with gas and burnt-on sand

There're lots of elements inside cast steel. Such elements are easily oxidized with gas and water. Thus, cast steels are also with such characteristics. Surface of the steel castings are usually burnt-on sands during the oxidization process.

Fourth, castablity of cast steel is bad.

Shrinkages, porosities and crack defects are caused during steel casting process. To solve such defects, the feeding systems should be added to the casting system. Wall thickness of the steel castings should be uniform. Sharp edges and right angle should be avoided. We also try methods of adding ribs, making more casting channels, adding dead head and putting chill steel, etc.