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Advantages of cast steel parts


One of the advantages of cast steel parts is flexible design.Designers have the largest design choice on the shape and dimensions of cast steel parts.Especially complex shape and hollow section parts,we could manufacture cast steel parts with set core special technology.

Secondly,the manufacturing flexibility and variability of cast steel parts is strongest.We can choose different chemical composition and organization control, adapted to different engineering requirements.We could also choose mechanical property over a wide range of selection by different heat treatment process with good weldability and workability.

Thirdly,the material of cast steel parts is isotropic and the overall constitutive property is strong,thus improves the reliability.And for its small weight and short lead time,it have great advantages on pricing.

Finally,the weight of cast steel parts could be over a wide range of changes.Ranging from a few grams to hundreds of tons.

Comparing with welding parts

In terms of shape and size, the flexibility of welding structure parts is better  than forged steel parts, but compared with steel, still has the following disadvantages:

1)the welding structure parts is easy to be out of shape.
2)It is difficult to make a streamlined shape.
3)High stress in the welding process

Of course,welding structure parts also have the advantage of short lead time.Comparing with cast steel parts,there is no need to make mould.

Compared with cast iron parts and other alloy castings

Cast steel parts can be used for a variety of different conditions, the comprehensive mechanical performance is better than that of any other casting alloy.

Cast steel could be made to different parts like withstand high tensile stress or dynamic load parts,important pressure vessel casting parts,under the low temperature or high temperature parts,bear large load parts.

But the vibration absorption, abrasion resistance, liquidity and casting performance of cast steel parts is all worse than that of cast iron parts.And the production cost of cast steel parts is also higher than cast iron parts.