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Cold barrier (insufficient pouring)

Reasons for formation:
A plan design is unreasonable, the pouring time is too long or cannot be punched at the same time
B. The flow heads that enter the water at multiple places have solidified blockage or flow head oxidation, which makes the two flow heads unable to fuse together
C. The pouring temperature is too low and the molten iron has poor fluidity
D. Intermittent pouring during pouring operation, no full cup pouring

A. Recalculate the plan to speed up the pouring speed
B. Increase the exhaust duct, speed up the punching speed, and reduce the punching resistance
C. Reasonably set the gate position to avoid cold barriers due to oxidation and cooling of molten iron at parts far away from the gate
D. Add molten iron at the cold compartment to increase the temperature there