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Lost foam casting

Lost form casting (also known as real mold casting) is a casting method in which foam models similar to the size and shape of the casting are bonded and combined into model clusters. After being brushed with refractory coating and dried, the foam models are buried in the dry sand for vibration molding. The casting method is poured under negative pressure to vaporize the model, and liquid metal occupies the position of the model.

EPC has the following characteristics:

Good casting quality and low cost. Material is not limited, size is appropriate; High dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, reduce cleaning, save machine; The internal defects are greatly reduced and the tissue is dense.

It can realize large-scale and mass production. Automatic assembly line is environmentally friendly. It can greatly improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and reduce energy consumption.

☆ The main content of EPC technology and process service

I. Negative pressure system design

Pressure stabilizer tank, filter tank, soda separation tank; 2. Selection of vacuum pump; 3, negative pressure control;

II, According to the user's products for special sand box design, by the user's own manufacture.

III. 1-3 dimensional seismic platform design
1, according to the user needs to provide a certain scale of the design drawing
2. Design of foundation of seismic platform

IV, drying room design

V. Process rules and operating points of EPC

VI. Plan of workshop production process

VII. Provide manual mold making method

VIII. Provide information of purchased equipment, accessories and materials

IX. To provide on-site technical services and train workers

The whole process of EPC is divided into two parts:

⑴ White area:

1. Model combination 3. Model coating and drying

(2) The black part

1, negative pressure system

2, seismic compaction platform

3, sand box

4, sand treatment system