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Investment casting-press test


Pressure tightness is a very important factor for application of some investment castings, such as the valve body castings and pump body castings. Low pressure tightness of such products will lead to leaking problems, which will affect the safety or life time of the whole system. To control the pressure tightness of the cast parts, we do the press test on required products. The specification can be required by customers. Or we will carry out the testing according to our own standard. 

Usually used press test processes are hydraulic pressure test and air pressure test.

*Hydraulic pressure test

Using the water as medium, filling the cavities of the investment castings with certain pressure. When the products are filled with required pressure, we need to check the products to see whether there're any leaking problems or cracks on the castings. Such press test process usually used for joints of water/oil pipelines, such as the valves, pumps, etc.

*Air pressure test

Air pressure test, also called as pneumatic test, is also one of the important press test processes. When testing, we press certain bars of air into the cavities of the castings. Keeping the products with filled air for certian times, then check the surface of the castings to see whether there're leaking problems. Such press test process is frequently required to test components for gas pipeline systems.

We can carry out the press test on iron castings, steel investment castings, steel sand castings, aluminium die castings, etc. So, if you have any inquiries for products with such inspection requirements, please contact with us. We will offer you the best prices and also the best services.